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      1. USA BST-University of Pennsylvania

      Topic: Global Leadership and Problem Solving
      Time: 7.23-8.3, 2018
      Program offers:
      -Lectures on global leadership and problem-solving with a focus on the eldercare crisis, water management, energy sustainability and food security
      -Personal interactions with distinguished Pen faculty and prominent leaders
      -Independent research, group projects and field visits to local organizations
      -Day trip to America's capital, Washington D.D., with visits to museums, Capitol Hill and monuments
      -On-campus experience of dinning and living as a Penn student.

      -A certificate of participation in Penn's GLPS summer program

      2. UK BST-Oxford University & Kingston University

      Topic: Culture Explore & International Business
      Date: Mid in July, (7.22-8.5), 2018
      Program offers:
      -Discovery of Oxford University & Kingston University
      -Lectures on Economics, Philosophy, Finance, Management, International Marketing, International Finance, International Law, International Culture, Entrepreneurship, etc.
      -Business visit to Morgan Motor Company, Canary Wharf Finance Tour, Hampton Court Palace...
      -Workshop on game theory and management
      -Cultural experience activities

      -Conclusion of course & presentation of certificates

      3. Germany BST-HHL Lepizig Graduate School of Management
      Topic: Industry 4.0
      Date: 8.17-8.26, 2018
      Program offers:
      -Lectures at HHL on the topics strategic management, innovation, industry 4.0, scenario planning, leadership
      -One day in Berlin incl. company visit
      -One day in Dresden incl. company visit
      -Company visit of the Porsche Plant Leipzig, BMW i-production line and may be an additional logistics company like Amazon or DHL
      -Company visit of SpinLab – HHL's accelerator and talks to founders

      -Company presentation of successful CEOs

      4. Spain BST-ESIC Business & Marketing School
      Topic: Digital Marketing for Future Leaders
      Date: 10.1-10.8, 2018
      Program offers:
      The tour will include 3 company visits,lectures, a networking event, a real case study on Digital Marketing and student presentations.
      Further Information
      For further information, please contact with International Affairs Office.
      Room 305, Building 6, No.550 Dalian West Road, Shanghai 200083, China

      Tel: +86 21 55122370

      1. 行程将根据报名情况略有调整,以最终通知为准;
      2. 费用及详情请登录“综合管理平台”查看;
      3. 请考虑清楚后报名,一旦报名确认后,不得更改反悔。


       We look forward to your participation!